737 MAX Landing Gear Issue (RESOLVED)

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737 MAX Landing Gear Issue (RESOLVED)

Post by belisba »

I just recently configured my sim for the 737 Max using the ver 1.0 TDS Max aircraft model and Sim-A ver 1.91 with P3D ver4.3. The only issue I'm having is the landing gear control handle on my JetMax sim no longer drives gear up or down anymore. I've checked input/outputs on the server and the mechanical functionality of the control handle, they seem normal....the only configuration change I made to the server was to "check" the 737MAX box instead of the 737 box. I also verified that I selected and saved the 737 Max profile for the sim.

Anyone else experience this issue going to 737 MAX? Is there another version of the TDS model I don't have beyond 1.0? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



SA Software Version 1.91
Prepar3D v4.3
737-800 TDS Max model v1.0
MIP- JetMax-737SKTQ
Overhead -JetMax-737OH1
Throttle Quadrant - JetMax-737TQ
Transponder- JetMax-737-XPNDR
Rudder Pedals-Cirrus PFC (Boeing Style)
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Post by Jetcos »

In the Sim-A Server under Flight Controls / Fight Controls Config 1 do you have the "Gear External" checked or unchecked?
Steve Cos
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Post by belisba »

It was unchecked (It always turns out easier than it seemed at the time)....checked now, problem solved. Thank you!

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