Added an Ultra wide lens for recording

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Added an Ultra wide lens for recording

Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Everyone,

I added an ultra wide lens to my recording setup, what do you think of the view?

Only thing out of the frame now is the Aft. Overhead panel. I started with a new build, first time try. I'll now have to go in and add my edits via Plane Maker.

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Post by 787 George »

The new wide-angle lens is nice Mike but for entertainment purposes I think a variety of views makes it more pleasing (multi-camera) but this is just my opinion. The wide gives a great view of pretty much the entire flight deck.

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Post by jackpilot »

Like it..
Maybe try to set the camera a bit higher(looking more down ?)
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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


Good news. Xplane Beta 7 is working nicely with all my Zibo edits in plane maker.

I also fixed my rudder issue. The rudder would act as though it was on ice, if I just touched it... it would swing full range, it would also stop working at 80 knots while on the ground.

Not sure why this works but this is what I did to fix the rudder. The rudder is plugged into my xplane11 computer and I run the Zibo mod version 3.31.

I went into the SERVER: Sim-A Flight Controls/Flight Control Config 1/ in sub section (Axis Assigned in sysboard controller).

I then went into Sys-board Controller/Control Axis and made sure the rudder had "NO HARDWARE ATTACHED/SHOWN".

The rudder works in XP11 and in Sim-A. It still shows movement on the MFD, it doesn't swing wildly anymore and I have full control while on the ground and YAW DAMPER no longer needs to be off.

Now it's time to get back to the switches.

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