Xpane 11.30.B7 - Zibo 3.31 KDEN to KMCI

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Xpane 11.30.B7 - Zibo 3.31 KDEN to KMCI

Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Everyone,

I just updated XP11 to B7 and have found all my Plane Maker edits to work well with the zibo 737NG mod version 3.31.

The following has been corrected:

1. Steering over sensitive.
2. Rudder locks up @ 80 knots or swings like a pendulum.
3. Landing gear lever is working again.
4. Zibo auto stability entries were causing the aircraft to quickly pitch downward at times.
5. Takeoff config warning message is now gone.

I still have switch and MCP issues, I'm still working on it! But the handling of the aircraft is getting MUCH better.


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