MCP/EFIS/ABRK Switching Off

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MCP/EFIS/ABRK Switching Off

Post by hiltonhazeltine »

I have a brand new FDS 737MAX DSTD.
I'm having an occasional issue with the MCP/EFIS panel and ABRK panel turning off, although not actually disengaging.
To explain further, when in flight, or even on the ground during initial setup, the MCP/EFIS and ABRK panel will just "turn off" however, in flight, this does NOT disengage the autopilot settings and the A/C continues to maintain level flight, I just can't input changes.
I have tried changing the USB settings to disable the PC turning off the USB when not being used however this did not fix the issue.
I have also checked the sysboard controller interface and it doesn't provide any indication that the panels/board have disconnected BUT when I close the interface and re-open it, the panels turn back on and then I can continue to use as normal.

I'm running P3D v4.4, Sim-A MAX (latest version) and it's a FDS MAX DSTD.

Any ideas/suggestions.

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Post by jackpilot »

Did you try new USB cables/hub ?
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Post by Jetcos »

Sounds like a Windows issue putting things to sleep.

Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Advanced Settings/USB Settings/ USB Selective Suspend Settings/ Change to "Disabled"

Then the USB settings in the Device Manager, double check them all. Only takes 1 to mess things up. Windows Updates can change them all back as well.
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