X-Plane 11 - solid and achivable with FDS hardware?

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X-Plane 11 - solid and achivable with FDS hardware?

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Good day all,

I am new here but not to FDS hardware. However, all of my previous desktop simming with a CP Flight MCP/EFIS and an FDS CDU worked flawlessly... in FSX and Prepar3d.

Now, I'm starting on my full hardware NG sim. No one produces the particular 737 I want to model (737-700 with Short Field Package), and everyone who seems to be going to the 737NG and FDS in X-Plane 11 is using the Zibo mod aircraft.

Two questions:

1. Is the Zibo mod a stable, 100% accurate flight model and instrument model?

2. Am I better off purchasing and converting Sim Avionics software to be 100% compatible (and technically accurate) and using the Zibo flight model only?

Sorry if the questions don't make sense.

Looking for X-Plane usage for more realistic environmental impact on the airframe (have flown both, X-Plane "feels" better, or at least more realistic than P3D or FSX in my opinion).

Want to use a 100% or as close as I can get flight model of the -700SFP aircraft -

Want 100% accurate instrumentation and controls while operating within X-plane and the 737NG environment

100% compatible with FDS units - CDU's, radios, MCP/EFIS units, etc. and I/O cards.

Any help of advice regarding achieving this is appreciated.



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