XP11 questions

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XP11 questions

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Hello, guys and gals,

I had the opportunity to spend time with Rob and Scott and looking over/flying in their magnificent B737CL sims. Both are using X-Plane. Fabulous work.

Scott had built one FDS NG and was working on his second one when he took the plunge and went to the 737CL route, which is much more costly and when working is a thing to behold. So I am now the proud owner of his FDS NG hardware.

Having been an FSX/P3D pilot on my desktop for years (and a RL single engine pilot when I was younger), I was blown away by the "feel" of X-Plane and how it didn't feel like the aircraft was flying around the sky and on approach and departure on rails. Sorry, P3D/FSX users, no offense meant...

So, I've been looking at the 737NG Zibo mod, and what is being called the 737 Ultimate on the Threshold page. Judging by the credits, it's a combination of Zibo and other's work. Looks good. However, there are comments that the -700, which is the focus of my build, is not an accurate flight model, but is actually a -800.

Here's my goal - I want to model and fly the -700SFP (Short field Package) aircraft. There are some major differences between this model and the -700. I asked "How do I get there" to the SFP modifications and performance over at Threshold, and... crickets.

So I'll ask here: does anyone know how to modify the aircraft configuration in the software? Here are the SFP aircraft differences:

Short Runway Package Technical Aspects:

A winglet lift credit, achieved through additional winglet testing, that allows the use of lower landing-approach speeds

Takeoff using sealed leading-edge slats on all takeoff flap positions, which allows the aircraft to climb up and away more rapidly on shorter runways. Slats are sealed for take-off to flap position 15 (compared to the current 10) to allow the wing to generate more lift at lower rotation angles. Slats only travel to Full Ext when TE flaps are beyond 25 (compared to the current 5). Autoslat function available from flap 1 to 25

Can use flaps at 15° vs 10° on the standard NG. Flap load relief function active from flap 10 or greater.

A reduced idle thrust transition delay between approach- and ground-idle speeds, which improves stopping distances and increases field-length-limited landing weight. Reduction of engine idle-thrust delay time from 5s to 2s to shorten landing roll.

Increased flight-spoiler deflection from 30 degrees to 60 degrees, which aids brake performance when landing. Flight spoilers are capable of 60 degree deflection on touchdown by addition of increased stroke actuators. This compares to the current 33/38 degrees and reduces stopping distances by improving braking capability.

Two-position tailskid that extends an extra 127mm (5ins) for landing protection. This allows greater angles of attack to be safely flown thereby reducing Vref and hence landing distance.

Main gear camber (splay) reduced by 1 degree to increase uniformity of braking across all MLG tires.

FMC & FCC software revisions.

Now, according to Boeing, the -900 is equipped with these features as standard, but I'm wondering if the creators of these aircraft in X-Plane noticed these differences, or are using the same exact performance and operating features as the -800, which would be incorrect.

So the next question is, if the 73U (737 Ultimate abbreviation being used over at Threshold) -900 has the correct control features, how to get them over to the -700?

Finally, although being reported as "not 100% usable with X-Plane yet", would using Sim-Avionics and X-Plane (either the Zibo mod or the 73U) assure me that the DU symbology and the CDU's are working 100% spot on, as well as all other functions? Or is Sim-A needed? Is the fidelity of a freeware aircraft that good? Sorry, just asking to be sure.

Thanks in advance,


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