Layout for base to use with B737 FDS shell

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Layout for base to use with B737 FDS shell

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Hoping to get some info regarding the layout for the base for the sim.

I am using dynamic control loading and need to redesign the rudder pedal linkages so that they will fit under the floor.

To clarify, I am using the FDS B737 cockpit shell at a future date and need to plan the base. I can't use the FDS base because all of the components are real-world and the loading servos and gearboxes need to fit.

Looking for some key measurements that will match up to the B737 shell

Distance on column center line (C/L) between the control columns
Distance on column C/L from the front of the shell to the control columns

Of course, I need this info to accurately lay out the base. I am using the complete rudder installation from a B747-400 (same pedals and vertical tube size as a B737) but I'm getting conflicting measurements from the internet for the control column on-center dimensions.

The columns for the B747 is approx 1067mm wide on center
The B737, according to Markus' page, is 1040mm on center
Using a tape measure, I am getting 1007mm on center using my FDS MIP as the reference.

Does anyone have the correct measurements to use with the FDS shell and MIP? I'm not stressing if the measurement isn't "to scale" vs a real world B737, just need to know what the dims are for the FDS unit.

Also, has anyone made an accurate drawing of the outline of the FDS shell base so that I can use this to start planning the base?

Any and all help appreciated.



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