Flight controls

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Flight controls

Post by GDR »

Hi all,

I have connected my current flight controls to the sysboard.
I played around with the smooth and sens settings already on the flight controls page.

The problem is that with the tiniest movement of either rudder or yoke, it seems to react exponentially or greater.

Just touching so that for example the pot goes from 100 to 101 (so just in or decreases by 1) , Is crazy. The rudder: here this is just enough to make a 90 deg turn on ground in less than a second.

Both yoke and rudder are too sensitive.
What can I do so I can use them? When setting to the flightsim so functionality is lost.
I need to get it working through the sysboard.

Anyway, this is temporary as I am gonna switchover to the FDS platform with flight controls...


Sim-Avionics V1.965
P3D v4.5.13.32097
FSUIPC v5.154

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Post by Jetcos »

Hi Geert,

At the moment those are still under development. Testing is not complete. We use FSUIPC for now.
Steve Cos
Vice President and Tech Support
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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