Shell placement in room?

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Shell placement in room?

Post by helloo »

Hello, I am about to start putting my shell together and I am wondering if I can have the front of the cockpit shell up against a wall? Or would I need to leave a foot or two for access to the front for any reason? I would prefer it the front up against the wall but I am open to whatever it best. The wall behind the front of the cockpit is unfinished area. The platform is 8X8ft.

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Post by Jetcos »

The nose is 8 feet wide and 7 feet long. You need room at the rear to install bolts. So any room you can spare at the rear for access to teh bolts is a good idea.

At teh front you need room for your visuals. TV's I assume?
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Post by PatSim »

I just finished assembling my B737NG Shell. I would suggest a minimum of 18� to access the Nose Section of the Shell. I plan on using a 82� front 4K screen on a wall mount that extends out 8� from wall. The bottom of the screen will be 24� from floor. Trying to get the correct FOV (Field of View) 45 deg on each of the 3 x 82� screens is a on going process. Almost have to wait until the three monitors are installed.. As I said my front screen is Wall Mounted, both my Left/Right 45deg screens are on mobile carts with 2 computers mounted at bottom of each mobile cart. My challenge is not to be to close to the front screen because of Nose Section access and FOV Issues, but still having the CO/FO outboard screens come far enough back to blend with the shoulder window post. Also height of the front screen is driven more by not being able to see the top & bottom of Outboard Screen. For visualization purpose I have used the cardboard the 82� screen came in, cut to exactly screen side and used as faux screens for alignment testing purposes.
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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


Judging by the photo, it looks like you are very limited with space.

In your situation, I would place the base on rollers/casters that you can lock/unlock to allow movement.


Well, in the future you will more than likely need maintenance and/or you may want to upgrade/add components. It is going to be extremely difficult to work in a tight area, being able to roll it away from the wall will offer you much more room to work.

Place some marks on the floor so you can roll it right back into position when you're finished.

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