REVERSE Switches LOCATION on Revolution TQ ?

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REVERSE Switches LOCATION on Revolution TQ ?

Post by HowardChristian »

The Reverse Thrusters on my Motorised Revolution Sim TQ aren't working.
I am not sure how long ago these stopped but could be a while.

I do not know if it's the Switches not working from the card they're plugged into or if possibly a SIOC error.

Is there anyone who knows the Rev'Sim TQ wiring & especially what would be connected to the J connectors noted below?

Two questions I have;
1. Can anyone tell me where to locate the actual Switches inside the TQ for the Reverses. I have the throttle partially dismantled but still cannot see them. I can just hear the switches click when moved.

My TQ has a Bodinar Card for all the other Switches, AP, AT, Toga, Fuel Cut Offs, Pkng Brke, Stab Sw's, Flaps & Spoiler (which replaced a dud RevSim card a long time back).

There's a separate Open Cockpits (Stepper Card v1.1) for the Motors that came with the TQ. There are connections to the 3x Motor connectors plus another 4x 3pin connectors to the J Connectors. I don't know what these are for but I suspect the Reversers are connected here?
But these are ea. 3 Pin. I'm guessing 1 wire is ea. Sw. plus a Common that's shared?

I've located a strip of Green/Yellow Striped Insulation Tape running down the Throttle linkages that may include what I'm looking for but there must be a dozen wires under the Tape strips.

2. SIOC Script.
SIOC Script - USBDCMotor & a USBAnalogic
In my SIOC .ini file I have these three lines.

USBAnalogic=1,55 (I have no idea if the 1,55 is correct or not, should it just be the same as the Motor?)

On the Sioc DEVICES Window there is only one line.
Should it list a USBAnalogic entry also?

If anyone with knowledge of how the RevSim TQ is wired & can tell me what the USBAnalogic entry should be I'd be extremely grateful.


Howard C.

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