FLAPS Setup via Sim-A Help Please

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FLAPS Setup via Sim-A Help Please

Post by HowardChristian »

FLAPS Setup via Sim-A Help Please

Sim-A v1.93
RevolutionSim TQ.
Fight Illusion Flaps Gauge.

I want to setup my Flaps Lever to function via Sim-A & not FSUIPC.
FSUIPC hasn't been reliable for me regarding the Flaps.
Moving the Flaps Lever on my TQ does not change the setting in P3D or in the Server (Main Page or on the bottom of the Flight Controls Tab)

I don't understand the correct method to assign it in Sim-A & would be grateful for some assistance.

1. I can Calibrate it ok in the SysBrd Controller.
But am I supposed to use the SysController, I'm unsure?

2. In SERVER>Aircraft Detail>Flaps Calibration Page.
There are two columns; TRIGGER & DISPLAY. The Trigger is always 16383 & the Display figures change as I move the Flaps in Flighsim.

Should the numbers change for the Trigger also?
I can manually input a number for each Trigger but I'd only be guessing.

3. In the SERVER>Flight Controls>Flight Controls Config1>Special Operations.
Flaps External Checkbox. Should this be Ticked or not?

4. Do I still need to assign it in the FSUIPC Axis & send to Flightsim as a normal axis??

5. I also cannot get my FI Flaps gauge to work but that's a separate issue I can look at after getting the above to work.

Thanks in advance.
Howard C.

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Post by MarkHastings »

On P3D we generally assign the Flaps via FSUIPC.

Ensure no flap axis are assigned in the SYSBoard Controllers
Goto P3D > FSUIPC > Axis Assignment

Move the Flap Lever
Check the Axis is detected
Select - "Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration"
Select "Flaps"

Goto Joystick Calibration
Goto Page 6
Flaps - Press SET
Move the Lever to 40
Press the Right hand SET button
Move the Lever to UP
Press the Left hand SET button

On the Server > Flight Controls > Flight Controls Config 1 tab
Flaps External Checkbox should be OFF

As you move the Flap Lever the TRIGGER value should change immediately and show the lever position value.
As the Flaps extend the DISPLAY value will change.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer

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Post by HowardChristian »

Thanks Mark,
But no joy. I've followed your instructions but when I move my Lever I get VERY unreliable movement of the Flightsim Flap lever, which represents same in the Server.

In the FSUIPC Axis Tab the numbers move unreliably yet they seem ok on the Flaps Calibration Tab. I know this make no sense but this is what happens. But if do calibrate in SysController instead, the numbers are detected & move reliably.

This was the reason I wanted to try using Sim-A instead. However if you are saying this is not a reliable way either then I'm just a little bit lost.

Btw, the POT used is a Rotary 10k POT. Is this the correct value or should it be a 50k or does the value not really matter much?
Howard C.

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Post by MichaelYSSY »


Did you try selecting FILTER option on flap Axis Calibratin page in FSUIPC?

SSTD 737
Sim-Avionics v1.96
P3D 4.5/5.0 HF1
FSUIPC 6.0.8

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Post by HowardChristian »

Hi Michael,
No I didn't, but I will give that a try.
Exactly what does it filter out. Is it meant to remove spikes ?
Howard C.

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