Flap problem after installing Sim-A 1.96 - (Resolved)

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Flap problem after installing Sim-A 1.96 - (Resolved)

Post by Nav3pilot »

I installed 1.96 without difficulty and was pleased with the new tiller performance and the other updates/fixes.

Unfortunately a new problem with the flaps surfaced where when I select flaps 1 the hydraulic motor runs for a long time and my Flight Illusion flaps gauge shows around 10 when the motor finally stops. The server flight controls page shows flaps 1, which agrees with the flap lever. I have data for all the other flap settings with similar results, and the gauge finally agreeing with the flap selection at flaps 40. I brought up the P3Dv4 main panel and that flap gauge agrees with my hardware flap gauge. I tried setting the flaps with keyboard commands and got results identical with using the hardware flaps lever. I performed the required default recalls in the server after installation, and tried the flaps recall several times. The flaps have been working fine and the only thing that changed was installing 1.96.

I wanted to check and see if anybody else has experienced this or maybe has any suggestions on what else I could try before I start messing with calibrations and settings that have been working forever.

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Post by MichaelYSSY »


Did you update the Sim Avionics Aircraft as well? 1.96
The flaps seem to be adjusted to this new updated model.

If you decide not to update Aircraft Model go to Server and do a Flap Calibration. That should align everything.

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Post by lulu47 »


Mark made a change in the flaps time transfert from UP to 5 so that it's now like on the real airplane. I had the same problem, just download the latest aircraft or update the air and the confif file if you already have the V1.90 aircraft, it is compulsory because flaps value have been change in those files. After this, just recalibrate the FI flaps gauge in the FI sofware and it will come in order.

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Post by Nav3pilot »

Thanks Michael and Daniel. I had updated the aircraft but I didn't see anything in the release notes about the flaps changes. I recalibrated the FI flaps gauge and all is good.


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