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In FSUIPC I move the Flaps Lever & it's detected in the Fsuipc Axis Tab & the numbers change & I can assign it.
I select Send to FSUIPC for Calibration & I can Calibrate the Flaps (I use Detents option). Then I exit the Fsuipc setup.
BUT when I go to the Axis Tab again & move the Flaps lever I find the Axis Assignment has not been saved & it's defaulted to Send to Flightsim instead.

I can can repeat the Axis Assignment over & over again but it refuses to save the assignment. However on the Calibration page those details have been saved & the numbers still do move in there.

It's because I have so much trouble with Fsuipc that I wanted to try assigning the Flaps by the Sysboard Controller instead, but although it seems to work it doesn't pick up flaps 1 & flaps 30. I'm assuming that's because the space between the different lever positions aren't all the same, at-least not on my RevSim' TQ they aren't.

But back to Fsuipc, any ideas why it may not be saving the Assignment?
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Post by MichaelYSSY »


Just to be clear
You assign the Axis in

AXIS ASSIGNMENT Tab, click on OK to save that assignment then go to CALIBRATE

and you Calibrate in


once you finish you press OK button in bottom right and this will save changes you have made in that session.

In the Sim Avionics Document section there is a pdf file called Setup - JetMax Throttle v1.3 Feb 2013 that goes through step by stem for flap set up, maybe just have a look at that one.

SSTD 737
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FSUIPC 6.0.8

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